Much of the available literature casts doubt on the usefulness of the term “excellence” in evaluating teaching in higher education. They assert that when people compare higher education institutions using a simple definition of what makes a good teacher, they run into a number of issues as a result of the institutions’ numerous differences. However, teaching excellence is intended for anyone who wishes to reflect more deeply on their teaching, improve their practice, or provide opportunities for all academics to continue their professional development. Rather than presenting a final destination or ideal vision to strive for, the purpose of teaching excellence is to get academics thinking about what might work in their professional context. There is a notable dearth of research describing the effect of teaching excellence on student success in higher education.

Teaching Excellence in Higher Education provides a critical lens that can be extremely beneficial in illuminating new directions that are more responsive to the needs of learners or society as a whole, and thus more effective. As a result, there is a need for a high-quality scholarly journal that can serve as a platform for humanizing and integrating traditional and innovative teaching methods in order to improve students’ success in higher education.

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Author(s): omar ismailo, ali taha.
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